Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Darzi Next Stage Review - knowledge update

Yesterday saw the publication of the Next Stage Review - High Quality Care For All. This entry will gather together the main documents and a selection of the coverage. The coverage includes a number of good summaries.

There were three main documents published at this point

1) High quality care for all: NHS Next Stage Review final report (30th June 2008) Professor the Lord Darzi of Denham KBE

The final report of Lord Darzi's NHS Next Stage Review. It responds to the 10 SHA strategic visions and sets out a vision for an NHS with quality at its heart. This link includes the full document and a summary version. For a very brief summary Darzi review: At-a-glance BBC or Main points of the Darzi report FT.

2) The National Health Service Constitution - a consultation paper (30th June 2008)

The proposed NHS Constitution published today, marking 60 years of the NHS, is about safeguarding its core principles and values for the next generation, whilst setting a clear direction for the future. It reaffirms rights to NHS services, free of charge and with equal access for all, and it enshrines patient rights to choice and to NICE-approved drugs recommended by clinicians. A selection of documents related to the consultation are presented.

3) A high quality workforce: NHS Next Stage review (30th June 2008)

More detail on the workforce recommendations in the NHS next stage review.

The main publications from the next stage review are gathered here.
This includes the current documents, visions for better healthcare from the 9 SHAs outside London and interim guidance.

London was already covered by
Healthcare for London: A framework for action (paper copies in library)


The King's Fund

Related materials from King's Fund
- Follow up Briefing (added 14 July 2008)

The NHS Confed

- Follow up Briefing (added 14 July 2008)

Related materials from NHS Confed

The British Medical Association

Royal College of Nurses

Democratic Health Network - registration required

This briefing provides an initial summary and commentary on these documents with particular reference to local accountability and the interface between the NHS and local authorities.

Picker Institute - Added 5 July

Conservative Party - no comment yet on website but likely to appear at this link


Liberal Democrats

Unison - no comment yet on website likely to appear here

Media coverage

Quality ranking key to NHS funds

Cash-for-quality in new-look NHS

Darzi review: At-a-glance

Viewpoints: Darzi review of NHS

BMJ - updated 5 July

Reward hospitals for improving quality, Darzi review says
Government publishes a constitution for the NHS
Up to 500 patients with long term conditions will have their own personal budgets next year
Right of patients to drugs recommended by NICE is strengthened
NHS must pioneer public health drives if it is to survive
GPs face more competition after Darzi's review
Annual "quality accounts" will help improve services and increase choice for patients, says Lord Darzi
Darzi backs new body to oversee medical education in England


Specific Darzi coverage

Daily Mail

Prof Karol Sikora - stop treating NHS like a national religion

Comment: A wasted Chance

Financial Times
NHS plans to raise quality of care

Main points of the Darzi report

Broad welcome from business


NHS review: Darzi plan offers patients more choices and more information

Editorial: a promising prescription

Much more coverage

Pick your own surgeon

Leader: The right medicine, but far too mild a dose

Comment: Well-informed patients will make better decisions

The Telegraph
Bonuses for NHS hospitals and GPs that are highly rated by patients

Comment: does review live up to expectations

The Times
NHS review: hospitals that provide poor care to be fined

Analysis: a classier NHS, but choice still an illusion

Leader: The NHS: World Class Care Costs

More health news coverage

E-health insider - Darzi review stresses choice and information

Lighter comment

Simon Hoggart in the Guardian on Jargon

Simon Carr in the Independent on administrative drivel

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