Monday, 10 January 2011

December New Books

The final new books list of 2010 contains a good collection of nursing books. Some will be new editions of key texts (eg Pudner - Nursing the surgical patient); others are brand new titles (eg Vaughans - Nursing fundamentals demystified).

Several items for the allied health professions are on the list. New dietetics titles include Payne & Barker Advancing dietetics and clinical nutrition, while for occupational therapists there is Occupational therapy interventions by Meriano, and in physiotherapy we have Mosby's field guide to physical therapy.

Two hefty tomes for surgeons are the newly acquired Atlas of general surgical techniques by Townsend and the 9th ed of Zollinger's atlas of surgical operations.

There are over 100 new items on the list, while NewhamCat holds details of our complete stock.

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